Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Simple Living is the Life for Me. Part 1

When Spunky and I got married we both had enough stuff to fill a one bedroom 900 sq ft apartment just fine.

Fast forward a year and this thing came into play.

It seemed like the walls caved in on us overnight with this little furball.  Cute and tiny as she was we couldn't stay on N. Straughn so onto N. Sunbird we came.

 Our first house!  Yay!!

Fast forward six years and this is what we've become.  A house (and garage) full of "stuff"!


I thought we were all doing fine and then we had baby #2 and it has gotten to the point where clutter is everywhere and my walls were starting to cave in again.

When we bought the house, I thought for sure by the time it came for our seven year house anniversary  (which will be next March) we would be 100% ready to move on to bigger and better.  Hm.  Our finances and the economy has thought otherwise.

To change my thought process i've stumbled upon a lovely blog, The Vanilla Tulip and she has an intriguing series that she just started called Living Small.  A family of six in a two bedroom home and


The more I read about her and her family the more I realized I could easily spend a few more good years on N. Sunbird.  I do really love my little home.  It's our first home and it surely won't be the last but it's ours for the moment and it's a place where we can provide peace and warmth for our family. For right now, bigger would not make anything better.

Of course we have a project list a mile long for these four walls, but the best part is it's ours and it only can get better with time.

And like Ashley (No wonder I love her!  We're pretty much sisters since we share the same name ;), I feel like these are the times where you want to be squished and close to your family so you can continue to grow close together as a family.  These years with little ones are the most important so for now--
We'll make it work.

I will have more on this Simple Living is the Life for Me series, so watch out for great tips on how to make your current space less clutter and more YOU!

Share with us! 

Big or small, what do love to do to make your space "yours"? 

Much Love,


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