Friday, August 30, 2013

Just BEE Happy

It's been a week.  Actually the last two.
 My brain is fried and I need a vay-cay. 

I just may be going a little nutty too.
Last night we were going to bed and I noticed I hadn't put on my wedding ring back on from being in the shower.   I go to my one and only spot where I put it and 

And I think--Not again.
I've lost my ring twice in the last three weeks.  The first time was for a full 24 hours and I was in complete panic mode.  I commend myself for only losing earrings at this point in my life-but my wedding ring??!

Turns out and I don't know how but it ended up at the bottom of an enormous pile of clothes that needed to be folded.  

So no clothes on the floor this time--since they were moved to the chaise lounge--
 (I must start folding clothes more often...hmm.)

But as we spend ten minutes try to find it-I really felt the need that I need to slow down a little.  You know how you get all gun-ho about changes that are going on in your life and you want to get everything done and everything close to perfect and you--well I end up going crazy.

I tend to do that.  Unfortunately.

Last night as I was picking up my kids from a friends house and one of her neighbors had some plants and such by her door.  Sticking out of one of them was a little sign that said:

Just Bee Happy.


I felt like my gracious Heavenly Father was trying to tell me something.  Nothing huge or profound.  Just a reminder of what I needed to hear.

Just Bee Happy.

So in light of that, I am going to try my dangest this weekend (Yay! For it being a long one) to take it easy.  Slow it down.  And 
Just Be Happy.

To you all-Have a marvelous three day weekend.  I will catch up with you next week on many things that are on my mind.

Oh and my ring??

Leave it to my blind husband to find it.
On the floor by our bedroom door.

Yeah, how did it...? 
I don't know.

I don't know.  

Worry = crazy so I'm not going to worry about it.    

I'm just going to be happy.

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