Thursday, August 15, 2013

I see the light!

So not only are we working on the month-long challenge over at Fun Cheap or Free Queen
BUT! we are simplifying our lives in our Simple Life series.. thanks to the inspiration from the The Vanilla Tulip

Killing two birds with one stone!  Woot! 
Who seriously paint their garage that green...?! Don't look at it.  It on "the list".

Just got finished collecting all our "stuff" we don't need any more and am having a garage sale this weekend.  

I am very nervous and excited as this is the first one here on N. Sunbird Ave... I'm stoked to let you all know how it goes.  And the fact that I can (almost) see my garage floor gives me goose pimples!! Guess who gets to park in it this winter??

I do.
  {insert cheesy grin [here]} 

**In the mean time whilst I go grab me some lunch to calm my munchies, tell me about what you do for your garage/yard sales?  What works well, what doesn't?  What's your favorite part about hosting one-what do you hate about it?  Give me some nitty gritty to work with!

And seriously Spunky and Me fans...many thanks for stopping by.  The more I work with this blog and {try!! my hardest} to get things figured out, the more I'm falling in love with it.  I seriously hope you will too.
Again, I'm still working out kinks-I'm not a computer-genius-guru AT ALL! So if you have some helpful bloggy hints, I would love you FOREVER!! :)

Much love,


  1. I love your blog!!!! My husband and I are on a tight budget ourselves, I often let it get me down. I know, I shouldn't.... Your blog always helps me to focus on what is really important. Now if only I had your creativity. :)

    1. Raegan-thanks for the love!! Tight budgets are not fun. But getting "creative" ;) helps me vent from getting me down. I'm constantly thinking what I could do to help out to bring in a little more or save a titch here. No one has the perfect answer to it--I know we sure don't but every little bit helps! :) Wish you the best!!

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  3. Signs pointing from main streets to your street will bring in more people. That always helped us. Good luck! I like your new blog and plan on reading it often!

    1. Thanks Taya! I'm out to do that as we speak! ;)


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