Tuesday, May 6, 2014

50% off is a big deal

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ideclare! is having a killer sale right now and I suggest you take advantage!! Everything on our site is 50% of with code SALE50.  No orders will be taken after May 30 as we are taking the summer off to be with our kiddos, so if there is a piece of jewelry that you've been eyeballin, now's the time to take action!!

Monday, March 31, 2014

What doin'

It's been a really great Monday. 
wait for it... "said no one ever"

But really it has been a great Monday, strange enough.  Nap/Quiet time is winding down and I thought that I could do a quicky post about what I'm doing right about...meow.

...cutting out spring printables from this awesome blog: The Handmade Home
find them here plus tons of other freebies that I am just in LOVE with.  

Loving that spring is coming--I smell it in the air--or rather my hayfever is picking up on it...regardless I just can't wait to spend more time outdoors as I've kept me and my kiddos pretty cooped up this winter.  

Mostly because I'm a wanny.   
And I'm ok with it.  

Going to make this super short and super sweet; kiddos are starting to stir!  But thought I'd share these fun spring printables perfect to start out an amazing month of April!

much love,

Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday Find

Such a great morning...for some scrumptious homemade lemon and peach oatmeal with toast, watching my little ones play (very nicely actually--so far), and entering in as many giveaways as I can squeeze in this morning before my kids notice I'm momentarily checked out.

I never win, but here's to the lucky winna!  

I actually find myself to be very lucky this week because I have gotten to just chill out with my little homie Gs ALL-week-long.  Thank goodness for spring break.  We didn't go anywhere, but I did manage to deep clean my kitchen floor which made the whole rainy week of not doing really anything totally worth it.

One thing that I did do, ok two things this week--because of the sickness that's been going on in my family are

  •  made some diaper cream for my little lovies face which broke out in eczema over her poor little face from a bad milk reaction (never buying milk from there anymore...) and
  • making some lovely little sore throat lollies, which I made out of star candy molds

I subscribe to thewifelifeblog and I love there tutes on everything from makeup to natural home remedies 

Lately Jess, my newest essential oil BFF has posted these helpful vids on BeesWax Diaper Cream and Honey Lemon Lollies which are perfect for my family needs right now!

This recipe I made last night for my hubby (who's been working like a dog this week...well more so than usual), who's been sick with a nasty sore throat, and the flu.  I made him take this cute little jar filled with these little suckies to help soothe his throat to take to work.. I'll do an update on how they performed :)

The only thing I did different than in the YouTube vid is I used a plastic mold (like them) but slathered it with coconut oil so I wouldn't have a hard time getting them out of the mold and I also stuck them in the freezer for a bit which helped them pop right out.  Awesome right?  Perfect for this time of year when we still have that sicky-ness floating around just waiting for the sun to come out and say-IT'S FINALLY SUMMER!

Surely can't wait for that day... I've been getting tired of being cooped up in my house staring at all my house chores that don't want to go away.  

Should do something about that before I have to go back to "normalcy" next week...

Until next time!!

Much love,

Friday, March 21, 2014

Friday Find

I've got to find a different name for my Friday finds.

I've decided that I hate spelling out Fantabulous and Friday Finds is just so...blaa.  We'll think of something right?
In the mean times, it's just going to be Friday finds.  {I'm so lazy. :}


So what's life nowadays without your beloved Pinterest boards? Am I right?  I find myself at the end of the day a few times a week and just zoning out for 15 minutes just: see. click. pin.  see. click. pin.  Of course I have p-l-e-n-t-y of other things that I could be doing, but eh.

I found it staggering that I have just pinned over 1,700 pins.  To some that may sound like a ridiculous amount, and to others it's like...that's all you got?  I'm sure I would have more, but so little time and too many pins out there.

Here's the last few pins that I've, well pinned and maybe it's something that you like, ignore, or would like to pin as well.

Happy Friday!!

Oh! and come follow me on Pinterest!!@ashlieeborn ;)

for the kiddos:

{in spanish, but you'll get the idea}


hair & beauty:

eat it:

...and you gotta know how to make that frosting look de-VINE ;)

As you can see I do most of my pinning at night.  When my sweet tooth is up.  And hungry.

much love,

Friday, March 14, 2014

Fantabulous Friday Find

Happy Friday all!  

I wanted to throw out these {adorable} initial charms your way on this Fantabulous Friday Find from ideclare! They are brand spankin' new and easy on your wallet. 

Not only do they come in silver but in GOLD too, also new to our shop!  I hand stamp these babies myself and I die with love with each one I make because I LOVE them so much!  Plus! this font is my absolute favorite that we currently carry--it's brand new too. 

 Click on the banners and take a peek at these cuties and snatch some up for you (and a friend!)