Sunday, August 4, 2013

Hello, Hello!

Welcome to the new blog!

Whether you are coming from theeborns or truliescrumptious I warmly welcome you to my new digs.
I started this in frustration at having two separate blogs that I obviously wasn't keeping up on and could not decide which to focus my time on.

So in comes Spunky and me!

I am fully aware of the millions and billions of blogs to read and it makes me sweat at night thinking this won't turn into something pretty awesome.  But at the day, I want a place to record my thoughts, feelings, and epic fails and wins of my family, my life, and my ever growing desire to do DIY projects.

I am ever striving towards a degree in Graphic Design and I am tickled at the endless possibilities it can bring to stir my creative brain juices.  I also love to write and feel this is a perfect avenue to progress and to express my capabilities to fulfill that longing in my life to create something great.

 I feel like it's through making mistakes, learning from the mistakes of others and sharing our experiments and experiences that we are able to grow and reach our ultimate potential in life.  I also know that we are not alone in this existence that we have each other to lean on and bump each other up and feel like in the blogosphere it is a great way to make positive waves to enrich ourselves as individuals,  as a community, as a society, and as a whole.  {deep stuff right?}

Just like the title, this is about my Spunky and me, our little family and other stuff/people/food/funnies/grossies {especially food} that come into our lives that we like, love and even dislike.  {Did I mention food?}

It excites me for you to read this blog and encourage you to pull up a chair and enjoy the ride.

excuse the tweaks here and there...we'll get her up to a 100% in no time!

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