Thursday, August 22, 2013

Crazy week up in here

Normally I would have posted a little bit more this week, but things got crazy up in hizza.

I go back to school on Monday and I've just been a little (more than) freaked out.  Making sure I've got my classes secured, trying to get money, finding my classes... no really, I had to try and find my classes to make sure I still knew my way around campus.

Plus all the added anxiety of putting my kids in day care.  Greatest place ever and they will be so excited--I'm just not sure that I am.  I've left them with babysitters, but this is full blown they are old enough to go to preschool school stuff.  
Only one of them is "almost" preschool age but still!

Oooh! on a fun side note:  We've been doing potty training lately.  Must do an upcoming post on that nice big pile of...

In the mean time-you have any tips or tricks to potty training?  Not to change the topic...

TOTALLY changing topic...
But just on a "side note"  you're tips are appreciated ;)

Back to school:  I'm afraid.  What if the other kids think I'm too... dare I say it... old?  

My first day of class was exactly 10 years ago.  Which seems like forever ago...
Like a decade.

Working part-time, school full+time, while being mother, wife, church callings person, budget-er, meal planner, cook, maid, (posts coming on those too!) potty trainer, blogger... 

(and don't think I'm giving up pinterest and instagram)

Can it be done??

Or am I just crazy up in hizza?

I'm going crazy.


Much love

P.S. Not to throw you off, but I've changed my instagram name to: spunkyandme  to reflect my awesome blog :) :) 

Come follow me, er us! ;)

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