Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Keep Calm and Pigskin On.

For those of you who don't care about football...good for you.  You have something going for you so don't give into all this silly nonsense!
Spunky is a complete football nut and I had to grow to love him for that.  
As I recall being married to him that first football season of our marriage I almost flipped a gasket as to how much football one could possibly watch.  But as they say, "If you can't beat them, join them"....  

And so I did.  

I even have a team now so woot for me :) 
 Go Colts! 
{Andrew Luck, you are my hero}


No I don't have an oversized poster of him in my closet...

I'm totally not THAT obsessed.

Totally not.

He's totally cool and all, but I'm not sure if he'll make it on my fantasy team this year...

  Ok, to be clear, this is only my first year to the league.  My husband has been doing it for years now and I feel like it's time to play along.  Make him feel like I care....

Ok, I just want to woop some tushie to show I've got some mad fantasy skills. 


Here's to a happy football season to all you pigskin lovin fools!


  1. Ben is counting down the days to football! We have church at 1 for the rest of the year and he asked me if I would teach his class for the rest of the year because he is going to attend a singles branch since is starts at 10, then come home for football. Looks like the kids and I will be by ourselves until January. BUT I am envious that he loves something so much, I don't think I have anything I am that passionate about. Except my kids and food ;)

    1. Ben cracks me up! And you are such a stellar wife for obliging!! I would tell Brent to go fly a kite! ;) I think it's easier for guys to have that where as moms we feel so attached and passionate towards our kids..(and food!!) But I guess someone has to do it! Just let him know he totally owes you!


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