Thursday, August 15, 2013

More money saving adventures

Who doesn't like more money?  As I have mentioned here, the Fun Cheap or Free Queen will do anything to save a buck and here I am to tell you about a few more ways that I have saved a few more extra smacks!

Jordan mentions (somewhere...I tried to find it but couldn't-sorry!)  that she went to the trouble to return some over zealous spendatures to save some mula and I thought-she's crazy!  But guess what...I did it ended up saving me over $31!!

Source: Money Saving Mom

Old Navy- I have a card here and I try not to go too crazy with it.  I use it to get good deals for the kids and for the coupons in the mail.  I feel it's worth it-as long as I HAVE the money in my bank and pay it off IN FULL before my statement is due so I don't accrue late charges, finance charges and all that other garb. Having to do that makes it NOT worth it.  I returned two shirts that ended up just "not doin it for me" and I happened to find a coupon that I forgot to use before.  The gal who helped me was SUPER awesome and gave me that additional 20% off plus the 10% that I already gotten before on top of my clothes being on clearance.

Saved me an instant $20!!!

Tip* It doesn't hurt to ask AND being kind to the associate helping you.  As you have a minute and are patient with them, they should be more willing to help you out.


BBW- I recently purchased a lotion (on sale) for a friends birthday but ended up not using it for her gift.  Instead of that just sitting in my closet forever I just simply returned it.  Plus Bath and Body has a 100% satisfaction guarantee so you can take back anything if you aren't completely satisfied by it.  Which.  Is.  Awesome

$5.30 back to me!


Fred Meyer-  Brent and I happened to go on a pretty awesome rafting at midnight adventure and lo and behold...we forgot towels.  To Freddy's we went!!  We ended not using them AT ALL! So back to the store they went!

I didn't have the receipt nor the rewards card so it went on a merchandise card but hey!  That's still money in my pocket.  They have EXCELLENT produce that I love and is usually on sale so that's perfectly fine by me!

$6 in merchandise card returns...

In total I saved over $31.

By doing hardly anything at all!

What ways do you like to save some extra holla back dough?!

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