Friday, March 21, 2014

Friday Find

I've got to find a different name for my Friday finds.

I've decided that I hate spelling out Fantabulous and Friday Finds is just so...blaa.  We'll think of something right?
In the mean times, it's just going to be Friday finds.  {I'm so lazy. :}


So what's life nowadays without your beloved Pinterest boards? Am I right?  I find myself at the end of the day a few times a week and just zoning out for 15 minutes just: see. click. pin.  see. click. pin.  Of course I have p-l-e-n-t-y of other things that I could be doing, but eh.

I found it staggering that I have just pinned over 1,700 pins.  To some that may sound like a ridiculous amount, and to others it's like...that's all you got?  I'm sure I would have more, but so little time and too many pins out there.

Here's the last few pins that I've, well pinned and maybe it's something that you like, ignore, or would like to pin as well.

Happy Friday!!

Oh! and come follow me on Pinterest!!@ashlieeborn ;)

for the kiddos:

{in spanish, but you'll get the idea}


hair & beauty:

eat it:

...and you gotta know how to make that frosting look de-VINE ;)

As you can see I do most of my pinning at night.  When my sweet tooth is up.  And hungry.

much love,

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