Thursday, November 21, 2013

the one where i really, really miss my kids...and my husband too

i was looking at my sil's blog and found some pics from our family reunion that we had in june and stole some of her pics...

 aren't they cute?
we take awesome pictures together.

they made me miss my family.

which made me think about my week alone drawing to a close.   i am half way relieved and the other half aggravated that my list didn't get close to being done.


i learned a far more important thing....this thing called:

ever heard of it?

resting and taking it easy is never a bad thing.   especially when you're eating two and a half meals in your car and stuff keeps getting piled on and on and on and you have papers due and yadda, yadda, yadda...

post pregnancy with my first, everybody and their dog kept saying: "rest when they rest" and i usually succumbed to being a bit more lax with everything. maybe even allowing myself to take a snooze once and a while.
after baby two seventeen months later i felt the need to, of course take my time with baby, but when they were sleeping it was rush, r-ush ru-sh rus-h rush to get everything done. while i had a min.  and i'm not talking about dusting my blinds, or wiping down baseboards or walls.

heck no.  

my spider-cobbed walls and dust bunnied floors don't need any of that fancy spit shine.  who has time for that?!

i need a maid.

but for reals if anything i got to soak in hot tubbys.  alone.  go to the bathroom.  alone.  eat my diner.  while still hot.

a marvelous vaycay at home i must say.

but for reals i don't think i can stand another day apart from my babes...

i mean really,
check out this cute girl and this poor "killy", as Ev says it.

bet he'll be happy she's in my arms as well.

i really hope that i can keep up this writing momentum (like i've been meaning to from day one) from here on out.  i don't want to bore you with how busy i am.  but i'm kinda really busy.  doesn't make me want to stop this though.  i've thought many times just to call it ka-put, but ya know?  i kinda like it.  it's kinda fun to me and eventually i'd like to get better at it and the only way to do it is keep going, keep learning, and keep blogging.  hopefully it will grow even more fantastic when i can start putting up my printables shop.
and oh.
it's gonna happen.
i've gone too far to let it all slip away.

and don't say one semester of school and one art class is not too far in.  it's way far in.

completely all far in.

probably not.
you're right.
bold text isn't selling it.


well, look at the time.  it's late and i'm needing a little bit more r&r before i say hello to my thing one and thing two who like to wake up daddy in the middle of the night.

i laugh a little inside when my husband says he's worn out.  proud that he's been a super dooper awesome dad taking them on this week, but it's nice to make them feel like the mom sometimes, yeah?


much love,

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