Tuesday, November 19, 2013

the one where I have big dreams but am already pooped...

I had a dream once.  I had a dream that I would get so many activites done in one week while I was home alone.

It's Tuesday night and I'm already to throw in the towel.  This is what I've done so far...

  • managed to find an old LBD perfect for an upcoming Christmas party.  Just saved $60 thanks very much.  Now to accessorize... I may need professional help.  And someone to help me with accessorizing.

  • finished reorganizing my closet...
oh look a rainbow!  oh wait.  it's just my clothes mimicking the color wheel!

Kissy selfie for the worker at hand. (I got bored)

This is Spunky's side so people take note....

Until I reorganize it again.  ugh.

  • deep cleaned my room.  even vacuumed under the bed. wowza.
  •  changes to come.

(hunter green accent wall you have been warned.)

  • did the same to my kiddos closet. purged and put away summer clothes and realized...

we'll have to fix that.  guess i shouldn't hold my breath until my husband goes out of town again with both kids for a week..   (ah man)

Now for the fun part!  choosing colors for my TV stand:
  • cream
  • white or my favorite...
  • eggshell

This is what I want it to look like one day:

cool huh?  not sure if I want two white bookshelves on either side with a light gray tv stand, cream tv stand, or just white tv stand..  Thoughts?

Any fun projects in your midst?  I hopefully will get to more.  I've been completely content to take long hot baths, get school papers done, watch the tube...

I'm not going to lie.  I miss my midgets TERRIBLY.  

But I am enjoying myself :)

Maybe too much.

Much love

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