Tuesday, December 24, 2013

something to waste some time on your lovely Christmas Eve...

My house has been ground zero for the past two weeks.

Like please-don't-touch-anything-or-you-will-get-a-disease-apocalyptic-type.  I told my kids there is no way Santa comes to messy houses.  Which is more like, I'm not doing ANYTHING tomorrow, so we'd better do it today.

So what do I do when I clearly need to finish folding laundry....?

I check my email to distract me from Mt. St. Oh-My-Heck-These-Have-Been-Clean-And-Not-Folded-For-How-Long? pile....(yes, there have been piles of clean laundry in my room that long that I have named each mound...)

Not my proudest accomplishment of this month.

Back to my distracting emails--I subscribe to a little blog that you may have heard of...

Young House Love

They only have a book out and are quasi-famous in the blog world and I secretly hope they would come to Boise so I can only partly creepily stalk them.  Just partly.  I think John and Sherry are pretty super :)

They have a fun little post out there right here and it's about linguistic diagnostics done with a quiz online thrown on by some smart people from Harvard.

They must know their stuff because this is what my map looked like after I was finished:

Pretty accurate considering I live in Boise.  Glad to know I could make it in Spokane and Grand Rapids.  Looks like I would kinda stand out on the East Coast...

So if you need something to kill a few minutes, I'll pass it on here and take the How Y’all, Youse and You Guys Talk quiz.

Have fun.


I'm very excited for Santa to come tonight!!  More excited to have my house back.

much love,

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