Thursday, October 24, 2013

The time where I wished there was two of me...

Today for little E is a sick day. There should be a law against not feeling well on such a beautiful (and warm) fall day. 

Right now I'm holding her in my arms while she a rabid bear, and my other one is waking up from his nap--wailing for me to come get him. He only took a 45 minute nap-not quite enough to make it worth it to hurry too much. 

I wish I had two of me today.  So one can hold my sicky while my other self could rock and soothe the other one. I don't want to let her go since this is the only real time she lets me just hold her without her protesting and squirming her way out to do her thing.  She's at that age you know. Where "I do it m-seeellff". "No I do it".

Hurray for snuggles but boo for being sick. If I could only just freeze this moment and keep it like this for the rest of my day---that would make one happy mama. 

Much love,

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