Friday, October 11, 2013

The one about a genius idea...

Sometimes I amaze myself on how genius I am. 

And other times I'm surprised I not required to wear a helmet. Like the time (yesterday) where I put hot soup in the blender and it blew up all over me searing my forearm. Then I had to try it again to make sure that it really doesn't work. 

It doesn't. 


Back to me being a genius. 

I've become a sort of a pack rat with the empty bottles over previous months, er years and I've collected an agave nectar bottle that I've really wanted to use but have thus far have found nothing useful. 
Until now!

I've needed a container for my humungo jug of dish detergent because I use this awesome scrubbie by the Honest Co. I really love it. But I just don't have the bubbles needed to scrub my dishes. 
Anywho. Put two and two together and I get this:

So smart right?  It's the perfect amount to keep right by my sink. Awesome opossum.   So that container you've saved for maybe too long might come in handy one day. Perfect for those light blub ideas that  come at you like molten hot soup projected out of a blender. 

                                                                                                                                                                                     Now who wants to come do my dishes??

What are some of your ah-ha ideas for left over containers?

Much love,

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