Our Story

Spunky and I first met in high school, but did NOT care for one another.  But as fate would have it, we met again on campus at BSU.  Repulsed turned into tolerance and like turned into love.  Crazy how that stuff works!

We were married at the end of
December 2005 in the Idaho Falls Temple, and life has not slowed down since!

We adopted Samee, an English Bulldog a year later to help us ease into parentdom.  She is my first pup and will always be my "bun-bun".  Even though she rarely meanders out of her corner, life sure feels empty without our bullie.

After almost 5 years of being just "us", Everlie came into our lives.  This girl is a firecracker! She surely knows how to drive one crazy, but at the end of the day you can't help but smile from the rays of sunshine she brings into our home.  She loves to say hi to strangers, shake her booty, and can put down pounds of cookies at any given moment.

Who would have thought we'd have another one coming our way just a short seventeen months later?!  This little Harvey man is dangerously handsome and we can't go anywhere without him getting goobered with compliments.  He loves to hassle the dog, stand on the toilet, and play in the dirt.  In one word he is the ultimate BOY!

For us we were blessed to have a few years to ourselves and had a blast being completely wrapped up in each other.   When kids were all I could think about mid 2009 we got pregnant-Whoo!  But as fate would have it, we trudged through an unfortunate miscarriage that brought us even closer.  After that we knew in the Lord's time a child would come.  And then another one quickly to follow!  Lucky us!   Although overwhelming at times, we wouldn't have life any other way and are very grateful for the blessings bestowed upon our stellar little family unit.

This blog is a compilation of our home life as well as our favorite loves, likes and dislikes.  We open our home to you in hopes to share this epic journey of life together giving and taking advice, recipes, what-not-to-dos and to-dos.  We hope you enjoy these adventures found here on:

N. Sunbird Avenue 

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